Lunch Drink Love: Pizza Domenica Loves Beer / by BRG Hospitality

HOPSHACK: Mark Allain

July 29, 2014


New Orleans, LA — Nestled into a shady corner of the 4900 block of Magazine St., sits newly opened Pizza Domenica, a fresh and exciting project from the well-loved and highly touted Besh Restaurant Group. The restaurant, which features a menu of traditional and modern inspired pizza and small plates, also serves an impressive list of craft beer.


Pizza Domenica Draft Tower

Pizza Domenica Draft Tower

At Pizza Domenica, local ingredients reign supreme, and both the bar and kitchen pride themselves on serving the best in the best fashion. So, inspired by PD’s spirit of incorporation and innovation, we jumped at the chance to sit in with General Manager Stephen Jeffcoat, who offered the Hop Shack team his insights into craft beer’s growing market and it’s place in the restaurant dining room.

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