Pizza Domenica / by BRG Hospitality

TIMES-PICAYUNE: Brett Anderson

October 19, 2014, updated March 03, 2015


The idea to spin a pizzeria off of Domenica, the high-achieving downtown Italian restaurant that overflows with customers during its afternoon pizza happy hour, did not require deep thinking. The new restaurant is a refreshing blast of basil-and-smoke-scented air. John Besh and Alon Shaya, the chef partners behind both Domenicas, have delivered a casual, chef-driven shop that is truly affordable.  It is built both for take-out and loitering; the bar is welcoming and long, with a drinks selection to match. The wood-fire crisped pies rival Domenica downtown's even if the topping selection occasionally pushes the edge of reason (roasted carrots in place of tomato sauce?), and the antipasti menu (yes, there is roasted cauliflower) is there if you want something more (or instead) of pizza. 

Open: Lunch and dinner: Daily. 


Pizza prices: $13 to $18. 

Reservations: Yes.

Standout dishes: Chop salad, margherita pizza, clam pizza.

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