World Cup shootouts are sport at its best| Jeff Duncan's Weekend Update / by BRG Hospitality


June 30, 2014

Another hot and hazy weekend has passed in New Orleans. Here's my weekly review of the weekend, in sports and otherwise:

1. Is there anything in sports more exciting than a World Cup soccer shootout? The sudden-death shootouts between Brazil and Chile and Costa Rica and Greece were riveting theater. A crowd of about 20 stopped their workouts and surrounded the flat-screen at my gym to watch Costa Rica break Greece's hearts. It might be the most high-pressure situation in sports. I can't think of anything more dramatic or nerve-wracking.

2. There are two ways to look at Brazil's fortuitous escape against Chile. One, they are vulnerable and not nearly as dominant as everyone expected. Or two, that was the day to get the Brazilians and like a top-seed NCAA Tourney team that survives an early-round upset bid they will be difficult to stop the rest of the way.


8. My new go-to spot Uptown is Pizza Domenica. It's the perfect place to grab a drink and enjoy some incredible pizza while taking in a sports event, as colleague Brett Anderson and I did for the NBA Draft on Thursday night. My favorite from Chef Alon Shaya's wood-burning oven is the Calabrese. The place is jam-packed nightly from about 6 to 8 but the friendly staff, delicious food and affordable prices make the wait worthwhile.

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