Happy Tuesday from New Orleans / by BRG Hospitality

March 24, 2016
By: Laura Arnoff, GoNola

Let’s be real. In most places, Tuesdays are irrefutably the worst day of the week. Don’t believe us? Just ask Buzzfeed. Tuesdays are long. They’re boring. There’s nothing fun going on, and it’s so far from the weekend it’s hopeless.

In New Orleans, we have sympathy for all those other places, because Tuesdays in this city are especially awesome! See what we mean?

And why wait ’til the weekend to enjoy a good happy hour? NOLA happy hours start with brunch on Tuesdays and span through the evening, covering everything from wine and beer to oysters and gourmet pizza. And you haven’t experience Taco Tuesday until you’ve tried it at one of these places*.

On top of all this midweek magic, some of the city’s finest hotels offer hefty discounts for midweek stay.